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So, I wanted to bring you some new, bold and additional staple skincare products for your current Becalia collection. For these new products, I was inspired by my mother's home town, Coyuca de Benitez, Guerrero, Mexico.  It's a very small town where everyone knows everyone. I remember traveling with my family when I was 15 and arriving at my Abuela's house at like 2 in the morning.  Well, by 7am, the entire town knew we had arrived and were stopping by to say hi. I'm pretty sure, that if visit there today, someone may not remember me by name but they'll say "oh, Oti's daughter, daughter of the late Mr. Juan, who had that store forever at the market, how is your grandma anyways? What's your mom been up to?"  

The memories of Coyuca are honestly where the majority of my inspiration for my products emerge.

Charcoal, Laguna and Rio are my way of honoring Coyuca de Benitez.  

Thank you Coyuca for the unforgettable summers and holidays where I ran barefoot, learned to catch shrimp + wash linens at the local river, found my love for oysters, practiced my Spanish, played outdoor games with the neighborhood kids + even where I had my very first kiss.

From my heart to your home, I present our new permanent products:

Charcoal Detox Mask

Laguna Cleansing Micellar Water

Rio Body Oil

Your unwavering support, whether big or small, creates space to do what I love, run with my wild ideas, and build incredible things together. And, of course, I hope you’re lovin’ it, too. Thank you for getting me to, well, my own kind of moon.

xo- Jazmin

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