That Time I Won Free PR for 2020 - A $16,000 Value

This really unbelievable thing happened recently and I can't wait to share it with you! Like, no puedo (I can't).

So the week of January 27, 2020, I was scrolling through eventbrite in hopes to find some pop ups for February or March and I came across a magazine release party for Millenial Boss Magazine.  I reached out and they responded that they had room for an extra vendor.  Perfect, I agreed to participate without realizing that the event was that Thursday! Yikes! The good thing is that I still had a little stock left over from a prior event so I thought I was ok, inventory wise.

That morning I wake up to an email asking if I wanted to participate in a Pitch Competition they were hosting for a prize of PR representation for the remainder of 2020.  Without hesitation, I responded yes.  I have never done anything like this before but I need the practice. It only took a shower and a cup of coffee later for the panic to set in. 'What the heck did I just agree to do.'

On my way to work, I try to practice my best elevator pitch.  Um, yeah, no.  I kept messing up, stuttering and just making it sound like I had no clue what I was talking about.  The truth is that up until now, I have been so insecure about my business.  No, let me rephrase that.  I thought that I was insecure about my business when in fact, I was insecure about myself.  I totally suffer from Imposter Syndrome,

Imposter Syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenonimpostorismfraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is a psychological pattern in which one doubts one's accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

Thanks Wikipedia.

I've never felt good enough. I'm quick to accept the negative and reject the positive. A total cup half empty type of gal, I know, I'm working on it.  So I did the only thing I could think of doing, ask for help and research.  Don't forget that all this was happening the morning of the event.  It's now lunchtime, I can't even eat because my nerves had me feeling nauseous. I pretty much was at the brink of tears, yep, I'm a crier if I can't release stress.

'Becalia Botanicals is a small natural bath,' no that's not right, 'Becalia Botanicals is a small bath, natural company,' shoot! I meant, skincare and beauty company.  Yep, this pretty much was my inner conversation but I didn't have time to worry about all of it.  I was at work and had to concentrate on my daily duties.  I said, "you know what, if I don't have it now, I won't have it in a few hours so I'm doing the best I can, in the amount of time I have".  Yeah, but even with all that, I was still nervous!

I get to the event and set up, nervously awaiting guests to arrive.  They slowly trickle in and I was able to have really amazing conversations with really cool people.  I tried to eat but couldn't imagine even trying anything.  Before I knew it, the competition was beginning.  It was only three businesses competing, including me. 

I was second in line and I nervously stood in front of the judges.  I began my pitch with my pre-rehearsed phrase when I completely blanked out about half way in. Frigging p-e-r-f-e-c-t. So, I folded my piece of paper with notes and just gave it my all.  The three-minute timer went off about the time I started feeling the blood circulating through my body again.  Now it was time for the judges to provide me with feedback.  All I kept saying to myself was, 'Smile, open yourself to the feedback, look at them in the eye, it's ok if you don't have an answer, just be yourself, breathe.' 

The judges loved Becalia! They gave me such amazing feedback and I am so grateful for their honesty as well as the time they all took out of their personal schedules to help judge this competition.  Once it was over, I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  Whatever the outcome, I faced my fears, I took mental notes of where I need improvements and I had confirmation from four professionals that they believe in my brand.

The moment came when they announced the winner and they said Becalia Botanicals. I was in total shock!  The other participants did so well and I really thought it was a close call.  I went up to accept the award, PR representation for 2020. OMG. This could really help elevate my business in unimaginable ways.  

So keep sending positive vibes my way and I'll keep giving this entrepreneurial journey my all.  Who knows, you may see me make it big one day.

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