We Are With You

Dear Friend,

Recent events in our nation triggered by decades of racism and oppression have been weighing heavy in my heart.  As a person of color and a woman, I have experienced much discrimination and racial challenges throughout my life.  I've kept my head down, kept my mouth closed and swallowed the humiliation, sadness and pain brought on by racial and gender discrimination.  The fear of losing one's job when a family depends solely on you, when you have no where else to go, when you can't find another way, can paralyze you from taking action and speaking up..  The time for paralyzing fear must end and pursuit of racial equality and justice must continue until we see change.

I recognize that even I, as a Mexican American that owns a culturally inspired business, have not done enough and for that I want to apologize and let you know that I hear you,  I see you and I am sorry. 

What am I going to do and what can you do: 

Put your money where your mouth is: This month, I am donating 10% of all sales for the month of June to Black Lives Matter organization and efforts. I am also working on a budget with my accountant to continue making regular donations throughout the year.

Education is key: I am further educating myself and my family on this nation's  systematic racism and how to support other anti-racism organizations.

Take action: Vote.  I can't stress that enough.  Voting is so important and not just every four years.  Great representation starts at your local city, county and state level.  Get involved in your local city council, write to your city and state officials asking for change.  Buy from black owned businesses. Support, support, support!  

Additionally, we also are taking a break from promoting and displaying our regular content until next week while continuing to provide support and resources in our posts (more forthcoming) and stories.

Sincerely, Jazmin Guerrero



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