Our products are formulated using botanically derived ingredients from plants, fruits, nuts, herbs + seeds.  Our products + ingredients are never tested on animals.

While some of our products are handmade in small batches, others are manufactured for us.  We hope to continue curating small batch products as we continue to learn more about formulation.  Meanwhile, we use our manufacturer to assist us with more complex formulations.

We also may use some naturally derived fragrances in our products. If you are sensitive to fragrances, please ensure you review the list of ingredients. However, we will notate on the product description page if the product is fragrance free.

We use preservatives, if any, in products that may be in contact with outside water or moisture. It's extremely important that these products contain preservatives to help not only extend the shelf life but also help prevent bacteria growth from outside moisture. Note that any preservatives in our products are used under 1% concentrations.  We are continuously working with our formulators + designers to come up with alternative preservatives as well as packaging to help us reduce the need for use of preservatives.