Becalia Botanicals was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by passionate entrepreneur Jazmin Guerrero wanting to find a solution to her skincare issue.  After years of searching for a moisturizer that provided her the results she needed, she created a homemade moisturizer in her kitchen. Jazmin soon realized her product also could double as a gentle cleanser.  Since then, she started her journey to create natural skincare products using botanically derived ingredients.  

Wanting to stay close to her roots, Jazmin named her brand by combining the names of the three most important women in her life, her grandmother, mother + daughter.  Our founder also uses touches of her Mexican American heritage through her branding, products + ingredients.  Jazmin hopes to give you a little bit of Mexico which each product.

Becalia Botanicals officially launched November 2018, releasing its product: Colada Souffle Non-Foaming Facial Cleanser.  We soon realized that our product was not only helping the complexion of our clients skin but also was helping their everyday confidence. Our client's testimonials inspired this dedicated mother-daughter team to continue curating products to help bring out your natural glow, inside + out.

As Becalia Botanicals continues to learn + grow, we also continue to help educate our clients about the benefits of clean skincare.  We believe that our clients should not have to make any compromises to their health in order to have great skincare.  We're excited to see where our journey leads us in our coming years.