Skincare solutions that Honor our roots.

Our skincare solutions are designed to honor our founder’s Mexican roots and inspire you to find comfort, remember your cultural traditions, and have a deeper connection with your heritage. 


I mixed this clay mask with green tea and OMG love it! It leaves my skin super soft, and I love all the natural ingredients.

Simply Amazing

I love this facial oil. I will definitely be repurchasing. You only need a few drops so I can tell this will last a while. I apply it and then use my jade roller to massage it into my face and it makes my skin feel perfectly moisturized without feeling greasy. Highly recommend!

Definite Re-Buy!

This oil smells great, reminds me of the beach mixed with some musk. The pump works well, easy to use, and oil sinks right into skin. It feels so smooth for the entire day and the scent lingers too. Can't wait to purchase again!

we're on a mission To Keep our Story Alive

Sometimes during our walk of life, we do not understand where we belong in this world. We tussle with the fear of not belonging to anyone or anything.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Hola, Jazmin here. I’m the founder of Becalia Botanicals. I truly believe that whether you’re from a family of immigrants, or if your family has been part of the landscape as far back as anyone knows, there’s always something you can learn — and honor — about your roots and culture.