My greatest joy in this process is

awakening your
strong roots

Have you ever felt like you’d lost something along the way in the pursuit of trying to belong?

The version of yourself you once thought you had to become in order to belong just didn’t make you feel different, like you thought it would. It turns out, the only thing that does fill your soul — the only thing that lasts — is your heritage.


I'm Jazmin

I’m committed to crafting intentional, effective products with your story at the center, so you can always remember the roots that grew you and feel empowered to rise just the way you are.

As a first generation Mexican-American, my family loved something about me that I didn’t know existed. Growing up, even as a little kid, I was always welcomed to sit with the women who raised and inspired me; my Abuela Rebeca, my mom Otilia, and my Tia Celia. We shared meals. We talked. We didn’t have a lot, but we had each other.

They taught me well about the importance of transparency and work ethic, and that how we make people feel is more important than how good we look on paper. I became who I am today because of their words, sacrifices, and love.

We create products that truly capture your story and childhood memories because they’re the ones that matter to you, together make a legacy that is uniquely beautiful.

At Becalia Botanicals, we aim to merge beauty and culture, inspiring you to stay rooted in where you come from and be courageous to build YOUR legacy through our products and mission.